Everyone Loves Lego, Will It Work For New Mini-Synth ‘Patchblocks’?

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Everyone Loves Lego, Will It Work For New Mini-Synth ‘Patchblocks’?

Check this out. What appears to be the latest set of lego blocks is actually one of the newest, most aesthetically innovative, compact, programmable mini-synth we’ve ever come across.

Patchblocks’ creator says he wanted this hardware sound construction set to be like a combination of Max, Arduino, Moog, and LEGO. These new hardware modules that you can program with your Mac or Windows computer are a crowd-funded project and seem pretty damn versatile.

Each of these “blocks” can be programmed and connected to do what you want; maybe you want a simple synth, maybe you want to add effects or maybe you want a sequencer. Put them together, and the blocks seamlessly stream audio and control, combining sequencers with synths with drums.

Whether or not these will be practical or as popular are totally dependent upon YOU. If you wanna get these bad boys on the market, pledge here.

Have a look at what these can do below:


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