Deadmau5 Really Hates That “Flute” Track – Looks To Launch Soundcloud Competitor

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Deadmau5 Really Hates That “Flute” Track – Looks To Launch Soundcloud Competitor


Having a strong track record of staying in the spotlight, Deadmau5 has been at it again after releasing a 17-minute ‘deadly sins’ inspired piece, expressed his hate on Beatport Top 10 hit ‘Flute’, and has decided to launch his own private music subscription site “in, probably 24 hours”. Deadmau5 announced the news of his subscription platform on Facebook, and the reasons behind the idea stating “We’ll finally have a camp we can all enjoy with no spam. no phony accounts. no bullshit. no annoying kids. no nothing”.

Don’t believe us? Read the tweets.

While taking some time off Twitter and leaving it in the hands of his cat Professor Meowingtons, Deadmau5 has resorted to his Youtube channel to voice his opinion of the latest Beatport hit ‘Flute’. Through a series of comments on the Youtube clip, Deadmau5 lets loose as he criticises the track as being “130% Bullshit”. The comment has sparked a potential war between the deadmau5 fans and his haters, which led to a series of comments and rants from the Toronto-based producer, who we are expecting to see at Future Music Festival 2014

The Aussie producers behind ‘Flute’, New World Sound have used the criticism to their advantage by posting the comments on their Facebook page. Any publicity is good publicity, especially when getting hate from arguably one of the world’s best EDM producers.

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Catch the full Youtube thread " target="_blank">here


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