Audion To Release A ‘Best Of’ Compilation

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Audion To Release A ‘Best Of’ Compilation

Matthew Dears techno alias Audion, who recently collaborated on one of our favourite tracks of the year “Let’s Go Dancing” with Turbo boss Tiga will release a ‘best of’ of sorts December 9th. The tracklisting for ‘Audion X’ gives us an insight into the collection, for instance the drummy “Noiser” and rhythmic “Mouth To Mouth” singles from 2008 find themselves coupled with newer  unreleased jams – one might also notice a couple tracks sharing some serious NSFW names, ahem “Titty Fuck”.

Earlier this month Matthew shared the first original from the release “Motormouth” – a busy and menacing 6-minute plus track that channels Mr Oizo’s often camp madness. With the track came a message that also shed details on a new visual show. Exciting much?

Greetings Everyone! I released a new Audion song today called Motormouth. It is one of countless new tracks I’ve been working on this past year as I prepare the next Audion album. In the coming months I will share a lot of new music, tour dates, and updates on my new visual show. Please join me as we venture back toward the spiral. The fun is just beginning.

Check the tracklisting and stream the first track from the release now.

Audion X tracklist:
1. Motormouth
2. Sky
3. Cloth (Just a Couch)
4. Mouth to Mouth
5. Noiser
6. Look at the Moon
7. Fred’s Bells
8. Billy Says Go
9. Kisses
10. The Pong
11. Titty Fuck
12. It’s Full of Blinding Light
13. I am the Car
14. Just Fucking
15. Your Place or Mine
16. Wield
17. Just Me
18. Taut


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