Wearable Bass System Could Be The Future Of Music Festivals

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Wearable Bass System Could Be The Future Of Music Festivals

Wearable bass huh? Sounds like something your mum would love on those lonely nights in, but is actually an idea from a group of clever cats out of Brooklyn, New York.

The idea is simple, bassAware is a wearable type of audio technology that uses vibrations to create a ‘massive bass experience’. The holster cradles specially designed speakers that are geared towards bass rather than sound to imitate standing in front of a stack of speakers or in the middle of the club.

bassAware goes one step further with the device utilising a ‘tactile transducer’ that is placed on your upper back that, when working sends vibrations to the inner ear where your nervous system turns these felt vibrations into “heard” sounds. The result is an experience that is felt while those around you are blissfully unaware.

Features range from decent battery time (12 – 20 hours per charge), pockets for your music player, mobile phone or tablet and audio jacks that are compatible with all kinds of headphones.

bassAware looks to help bring the silent disco game up a notch as well as act as a complimentary piece of tech for DJs who in fairly sub-par situations need to monitor basslines.

To us the wearable bass idea brings about a different kind of party or festival that can be held anywhere without issues with local councils or pesky neighbours that always seem to complain and cause issues before the night even gets moving.

The project is in a kickstarter stage but looks to be steaming ahead with over half it’s $30,000 goal reached which is exciting, be sure to check it out and pledge here.


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