Tycho – Awake

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Tycho – Awake

All of Tycho’s music kind of sounds the same, and that’s cool, cause no one really makes music that sounds like Tycho (Abakus and a few others in the ambient electro realm do come to mind).

The mysterious, multi-talented Ghostly producer released his first track in some time (since his breakout “Dive” maybe?), and it’s exactly what you’d expect: a blitzing blend of vibrant electro (with real instruments) that doesn’t need lyrics to make you think, or, preferably, just take it all in.

An emotional tornado, “Awake” is the kind of song that fits in perfectly with the changing seasons and the falling of leaves here in America. It’s a neuron-mover, for sure, and a welcome addition to Tycho’s canon that will only add to his “who the hell is this guy” (he’s a graphic designer too) mystique.

I had the pleasure of seeing him perform with a live band at Red Rocks (the best venue in this universe) over the summer, and all I can say is the music is as hypnotic in person as it is on high quality headphones.


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