Thump Uncovers Inner Trance Wisdom At Electric Zoo

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Thump Uncovers Inner Trance Wisdom At Electric Zoo

Dressed to ‘impress’ and high on…love, a video expose by Thump, the new dance music channel by the fine people of Vice has enlightened us on the ways of trance as stated by the attendees of the recent Electric Zoo festival in NYC.

Asking questions such as, ‘What is trance?’, ‘What does trance sound like?’ and ‘What zodiac sign would trance be?’, Vice took to the throngs of ravers and received various feedback. Juxtaposing with the lengthy proper definition of ‘trance’ at the beginning of the video (how many BPM, how the genre originated etc.), the crowds talk about personal experiences with the genre.

For example Pikachu at 0.44 informs us that, ‘trance isn’t a genre, it’s like a feeling, y’know?’ The electric power of the Pik compels you!

Later insight comes from the girl in the head-dress whom states, ‘I don’t like trance music, it’s too repetitive’ before pausing, adjusting the shutters and yelling, ‘I like wub, wub, wub’. Articulate.

All in all, an excellent effort from Thump to challenge the relationship between core dance values and consumers today. Whilst the comedy value is of the hizzay’, we wonder if this is a bit of a depressing uncovering of what dance music is morphing into?

See for yourself.

And a word to the wise from the man from the monkey, ‘Get your potassium and make sure you get your electrolytes so you don’t crap up’.



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