Thump Parties At The End Of The World

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Thump Parties At The End Of The World

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Shooting to the top of our go-to list for festival-wank bank content, dance birth child of Vice Media, Thump, has released a video from their travels to Day Zero, the end of the world festival at the Chanolindia pyramid site, Mexico.

Taking place on the 20th and 21st of December 2012, the dates marked what the Mayans predicted would be the lynchpin for human life – aka – total world obliteration.

So what to do to celebrate this momentous occasion? ¬†Well if you’re the notorious DJ Damian Lazarus of Crosstown Rebels, you get your favourite global electronic artists down to Mexico to through a fuck-tardedly huge party, what else?

Thump, purveyor of fine videos, has made an aesthetically awesome snippet documenting such, and it’s definitely worth a look (read: marvel). Perhaps the most affecting thing about the video is the real sense of apocalypse about it – a mixed bunch of people grooving-out with their heads facing the gods. What else do you do on D-day apart from climb some crazy Mayan pyramids, light fires, explore free love and ‘Dance, dance to the end’….

It certainly seems like a better way to appease the gods than the other popular Mayan tradition – piercing the penis with a thorn and letting it bleed out (thanks Year 12 history).

Since the devo anti-climax of the world staying put, the guys at Crosstown have decided to make it an annual thing, we’re certainly excited to see what will become of this day which all-in-all, celebrates complete collapse.

Mathew Jonson – “In Search of a New Planet with Oxygen”
Art Department – “Crazy”
Francesca Lombardo – “Cosmic Dancer”
Eduardo Castillo – “Ahometa Kuyaxi”
Acid Pauli & NU – “12”
All tracks courtesy of Crosstown Rebels and the artists.

Check it out below,

[via Thump]


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