Stream Feed Me’s Album ‘Calamari Tuesday’ Now

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Stream Feed Me’s Album ‘Calamari Tuesday’ Now

Electro bandit, dubstep dynamo and internet troll Feed Me has released his full length album titled ‘Calamari Tuesday’ in all its naked full streaming glory.

Since doing a ridiculous interview in which he explained the story behind his name ‘Feed Me’ stating it came from when his sister ‘tragically lost her hand in a waste disposal unit’,¬†the UK funny man has left Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap and released the album on his very own ‘Sotto Voce’ label.

Fun Fact: ‘Sotto Voce’ means intentionally lowering the volume of one’s voice for emphasis. In music it denotes a dramatic lowering of the vocal or instrumental volume.

Feed Me’s fans have responded positively with one fan proclaiming ‘I want to have sex with this album’. Cue image of a ‘floppy’ being inserted into a drive.

You can purchase digitally and on vinyl here.

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