Roller Radio – Get It Up For Love [Ned Doheny Edit]

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Roller Radio – Get It Up For Love [Ned Doheny Edit]

If you can’t get it up for love, you probably just. can’t. get. it. up. Period. Fortunately, no one over the age of 40 reads music blogs, so if you’re reading this, you can (hopefully) achieve this simple yet magical feat. And this song should help you (or your partner) reach full mast.

Hot off the heels of his panty-dropper with Falcon Punch, LA-based Roller Radio (a severe vinyl-hunter) comes in hot with another simple yet silky smooth edit. Veering towards the balearic realm of things, this subtle edit (some nice drum-reworking and added sex appeal) of " target="_blank">Ned Doheny’s original¬†WILL set the mood.


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