Mr Oizo To Release Independent Blockbuster Featuring Tim & Eric’s Eric Wareheim

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Mr Oizo To Release Independent Blockbuster Featuring Tim & Eric’s Eric Wareheim


Stoney Roads favourite Mr Oizo is making a new film! Set to be titled RÉALITÉ which translates in his native tongue to ‘Reality’. The storyline and plot is currently a shroud of mystery. What we do know judging from his previous work is, the movie could be a bit of a French dark comedy with a cameo from funny man Eric Wareheim who is best known for his left of centre and often very confusing Tim and Eric show.

The film has been in the works for a longtime with fellow co-producer Gregory Bernard who Mr Oizo shot the mass murdering tyre movie “Rubber” with sharing in an interview all the way back in 2011 the below;

It’s been a long development in terms of the script. It’s an extremely ambitious project artistically, and the way he wrote that script, it’s really a masterpiece. It took us quite a while to structure the financing. We’re ready now to do Reality and to do it France with a French cast. Which is something I wanted to do with Quentin because, while he’s completely international, at the same time, he’s got a French and European thing. We’ll be working on Reality together, and it’s probably going to be a 2012 shoot with a big French cast. Depending on the success of Wrong, we might try another movie with a bigger budget in the US after that.

Oizo is a multitasking man having just released an official remix for Chromeo’s latest single ‘Over Your Shoulder’ which features some funky ass computer generated vocals.

The Frenchmen released the big hint he has been working on a movie via his Twitter posting the picture above. Do you think the premise of the movie will be to do with reality TV or maybe Oizo’s own perception of reality?


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