Mis-Beib-havior: Justin Swings at Michael Woods’ Manager

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Mis-Beib-havior: Justin Swings at Michael Woods’ Manager


Shirtless and apparently feeling extra sassy, Justin Bieber barged into the booth during Michael Woods’ set at Eden in Seoul, South Korea Thursday evening with his security posse. He didn’t bother to make a request, but instead demanded that Michael Woods play hip hop.

We all know (and so should little Biebz) that even having the audacity to make a request in the middle of a DJ’s set is a cardinal sin, and insults their profession, craft and artistry. Luckily Michael Woods isn’t one to be bullied by a pop star teeny-bopper, but when he refused, Justin threw a tantrum and swung at Wood’s tour manager and promptly ran away.

Michael recounted the incident:

“The story is Justin Bieber and his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth halfway through my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop. So when I told him to fuck off and put some clothes on, he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and instantly fled behind a wall of even more of his security.”

For those who have been lucky enough to meet Michael, he’s an awesome DJ and producer, a standup dude, incredibly modest and an overall sweet guy (we know from interviewing him!). Props to you Mr. Woods for putting a spoiled brat in his place.

Naturally Deadmau5 jumped on the incident to throw some Tweet daggers Bieber’s way, building on their past beef. Joel never seems to pass up the chance to run his mouth, but this time it’s totally justified. But unlike Woods, Deadmau5 isn’t one to turn down outlandish song requests, as long as the price is right

deadmau5 tweet
Michael Woods tweet

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