Joe — Slope / Maximum Busy Muscle [Hessle Audio]

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Joe — Slope / Maximum Busy Muscle [Hessle Audio]

Ramadanman, Ben UFO and Pangaea‘s Hessle Audio has just released HES025 after a string of strong releases this year from the likes of Pearson Sound and Pev & Kowton to name just a couple, with its latest release coming in the form of Joe‘s ‘Slope / Maximum Busy Muscle’. Returning after his ‘Claptrap / Level Crossing’ 12″ in 2010, we announced this release last month with word that Pearson Sound‘s next release will come November 11, and while that’s still about a month away, Joe’s twelve is out now and is as experimental as ever; using those eerie vocals up top and chopped up techno percussion samples down under.

It’s only available from the Surus store at the moment – October 21 will see it drop in other online stores.


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