Grimes’ Strange Rider A Mecca Of Eco-friendliness And Animals

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Grimes’ Strange Rider A Mecca Of Eco-friendliness And Animals

Experimental lady and all round cheeky trickster Grimes has self-published one of the most awesome backstage riders we have ever seen.

Typically a document which features water bottles, a shiz-load of towels, and potentially some ‘special attention’ back stage for artists – utilising groupies yo’ – , rider documents are always pretty interesting reading and indicative of what kind of person the artist is.

Some favourites of Stoney’s include Ice-T’s backstage request for ‘Assorted deli meat with ALL condiments *NO HAM*’ and Moby’s asking for ten pre-show cotton boxer shorts (um…ok?).

But Grimes one takes the take this time, released from the artists personal Tumblr, Grimes requests an eco friendly wonderland for her and the crew. Requesting ‘absolutely no styrofoam, plastic or foil containers’ and local, organic produce, disappointingly with ‘no candy’.

Not to be caught short on sweet treats, however, Grimes requests the venue source a small puppy for her to hang out with before she goes on stage. Asking for a ‘cute bulldog, french bulldog, pug or pomeranian’, she makes a note that the animal has to leave before her set so as not to be sound affected and ‘it is important that if said animal visits, they have a safe home to return to. lol’.

Oh to live vicariously through that little raver dog!

Read the full excerpts below:





[via Pitchfork]


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