Foxes Talks Zedd, Rudimental And Why Steve Aoki Wants To Cake Her

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Foxes Talks Zedd, Rudimental And Why Steve Aoki Wants To Cake Her

This week we got to chat to foxy lady artist Foxes! Seemingly exploding out of no where, she’s suddenly the biggest crush of the biggest EDM producers of our wet dreams.

Otherwise known as Louisa Rose Allen, the UK born 24 year old  reflected on her sudden popularity, giving us some insight into her  collaboration with producer Zedd and their track ‘Clarity’.  Skyrocketing to numero uno of the US Hot Dance Club Songs, the track came about after Z-dawg heard the artist’s tunes early last year, and was followed more recently with her vocals on Rudimental’s summer lovin’ track ‘Right Here’.

“They heard my track ‘Youth’ and got in touch with my management and asked to work with me, which I still to this day find quite overwhelming.. Zedd heard ‘Youth’ and we started working together, and ‘Clarity’ came about and I had no idea what  ‘Clarity’ would do, it’s amazing that a year on it’s doing so well.”

If you haven’t heard, Foxes single ‘Youth’ has become some sort of love drug to DJ’s everywhere. Having been remixed about a bazillion times by everyone from Adventure Club to Danny Howard, the artist expanded on why she thinks it’s so popular.

“There’s a lot of space in ‘Youth’, the song isn’t lyrically busy; it has moments of calm. I think people think it’s good for remixes because its underlying melody, and the meaning of it, definitely lends itself a lot to different genres, it goes well with a lot of different styles.”

Oh yeah, and when she’s not experimenting musically with  Zedd or Rudimental,  she’s experimenting conversationally in Ibiza where ol’ sly dog Steve (of the Aoki variety) is luring her into the wonderful world of caking!!!

“I actually didn’t know who he was and then we had a conversation about cake for about 20 minutes, and he asked if he could cake me and I was like ‘yeah you can cake me’, obviously he cakes people… and then I had a look on his Twitter and kind of noticed he had millions and millions of followers.”

For fox sake! This lady ain’t going nowhere but up, and we’re loving her flirtation with the whole dance music scene. Check out the full interview here, and don’t forget to catch her at one of her Australian gigs! Yew!

Foxes – W/Cosmo’s Midnight and Can’t Say DJs
Wednesday 13th of November 2013
The Toff In Town

Foxes – W/Cosmo’s Midnight and Stoney Roads DJs
Thursday 14th of November 2013
Oxford Art Factory


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