Basenji – Speak With A Dofflin / Tribute To The Cat

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Basenji – Speak With A Dofflin / Tribute To The Cat

Apparently, the Basenji is an African hunting dog that makes a strange yodeling noise (a “barroo”) rather than a bark. The Basenji we’re talking about here is a little different though. Unlike his four-legged African cousins, Sydney’s Basenji drapes his body in oddly-shaped bits of fabric called “clothes”, has opposable thumbs and is y’know, human.

More to the point, Basenji is the moniker of young Australian producer Sebastian Muecke. While he might not go out hunting in the wilderness erryday, one thing Basenji shares with his namesake is that he sounds a little different to most of the other dogs.

Following in the footsteps of his pal and frequent collaborator Wave Racer, Basenji makes melodic bass music driven by frantic percussion that snaps and crackles in your head. He’s only been around for less than a month, but already he’s received massive props from Cashmere Cat and will be airing a tight minimix on FBi Radio’s The Mixing Bowl as part of the Fade Up mixtape series this Saturday night.

Cop those free downloads and start dancing immediately please.


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