Zedd: Working With Lady Gaga Was A “Positive Fight”

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Zedd: Working With Lady Gaga Was A “Positive Fight”

In a recent interview, Zedd opened up on the unique nature of working with eccentric pop icon Lady Gaga, who recently performed the ‘Abramovic Method’ which is a performance made to heighten the ‘participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment in a very strange way.

Zedd words were detailed to US company Billboard at the Las Vegas based festival iHeart Radio and  touched on topics including his recent work with lead vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams, his juicer, his deluxe edition of Clarity and more.

The most interesting and stand out conversation in the five minute chin wag was when Zedd chat about the intense push and pull experience he had while making a track with Lady Gaga for her new album ‘Artpop’. He said:

“It was very interesting to hear someone say, “we should change this and that” because I usually don’t get that… It’s a positive fight and you learn to compromise and find new ways and get the song to a point I wouldn’t normally alone, be able to get to.”

This is the first interview Zedd has done since his recent chummy with Deadmau5 in Toronto in a Ferrari. Lordy! Zedd will be playing at this years Stereosonic alongside Boys Noize, RL Grime and many more.


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