The Bloody Beetroots – Hide [Ultra]

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The Bloody Beetroots – Hide [Ultra]

It’s taken Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo four years to produce his second album, but in stark contrast to the rest of the EDM community The Bloody Beetroots is not concerned about longevity in production.

“Everyone seems to be selling out and trying to produce so much so quickly, I’m not sure the industry can keep up. The States especially is just full of industry and business and people are jumping on the EDM band wagon for the wrong reasons… Everyone needs to go back to quality not quantity, there’s not enough of one and too much of the other.”

A man to his word, the long-awaited second studio album ‘Hide’ from The Bloody Beetroots is finally out via Ultra. It’s Rifo’s first full-length since 2009’s ‘Romborama’, and the 15-track record is a journey through classic Beetroots electro in ‘Chronicles of a Fallen Love’, ‘Rocksteady’ and ‘Raw’, but also a showcase of completely different sides of the Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo production style than what we’re used to.

Personal favourite ‘All The Girls (Around The World)’ focuses on a more downtempo, hip-hop groove, incorporating the vocal work of  Theophilus London to help compliment the relaxed vibe, and similarly the Sam Sparro collaboration of ‘Glow In The Dark’ reaches for electronica to spark huge diversity throughout the album. Peter Frampton has made ‘The Beat’ an absolute tune; something uncommon nowadays in the progressive house world by being unique and non-generic, highly dissimilar to most of the Beatport Top 10.

All in all I can strongly recommend the album for everyone; not just those who have always loved the hard-hitting bangers that Sir Bob’s famous for. It has hardcore moments, but at times ‘Hide’ is emotional, chilled and highly relaxing. Take a listen below to see what I mean, and bag it through iTunes if you’re feeling it.


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