The Bloody Beetroots: A Lucky Collaboration With Sir Paul McCartney

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The Bloody Beetroots: A Lucky Collaboration With Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots has given us an exclusive insight into what it was like and why he was lucky enough to produce a song alongside one of the surviving members of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney. In coordination with the launch of the new album ‘Hide‘, we spoke to the Italian electro bandit and he¬†explained;

“About a year ago I was producing with Youth from Killing Joke (English post-punk band) and he said to me “Bob, who would like to collaborate with for your new album?” and I said “working with Paul McCartney would be wonderful” and he replied, “I will send you the parts of a song by The Fireman (the moniker given to electronic music experiments created by Paul McCartney and Youth) and see what you can do”.

In what he describes as the ‘stand out achievement’ of the new album, The LA based artist continued

“My personal ethos is to “destroy to create” and that’s exactly what I did, I completely rewrote the harmony, changed the melody of Paul’s lyrics. Both Youth and Paul loved it, so I decided to re-record and re-play all the instruments (grand piano, guitars, bass and drums) at Rak Studios in London. I sent the new version back to Paul and it was Paul who then decided to re-sing the song and invited me into his studio. Voila.”

To check out the full interview with the man who is particularly famous for his song Warp 1.9 (Done alongside Steve Aoki) click here!


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