Rival Consoles – Voyager [Erased Tapes] (Free Download)

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Rival Consoles – Voyager [Erased Tapes] (Free Download)

Rival Consoles - Odyssey_cover_WEB

Taken for free download off the forthcoming ‘Odyssey’ EP is Rival Consoles‘ ‘Voyager’ for Erased Tapes. Similar to many producers, Ryan Lee West spent early times experimenting with IDM, glitch and dance, but kept consistent the element of his production that created a more organic, humanised sound. The rest of the EP will drop October 21, and West described his focus on minimalism obvious throughout ‘Voyager’:

‘I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of reduction. It’s all about using the right ingredients at the right points in time. A lot of these ingredients are short recordings, such as ice cracking, mechanical clicks, clicks from synth errors, sounds of debris, guitar plucks etc., which interact with the simple arrangements and create little hints of rhythm.’

The tune is stripped back, and showcases only a small arsenal of hardware that he has engaged with tangibly. Recommend this one!


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