Kaskade Goes In To Bat For ‘Kandi Ravers’

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Kaskade Goes In To Bat For ‘Kandi Ravers’

Leave your ‘kandi’, stuffed animals, glow sticks and other popular items at home say organisers of Kaskade’s recent show at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Unfortunately, for all the hardcore ravers out there, these items were placed on a “Not Allowed” list.

Kaskade subsequently went on a tirade condemning the organisers for falsely associating the “Kandi Rave” culture with drug use. Recent tragedies at Electric Zoo, and locally at Defqon, illustrate the importance of drug education. We’re all for controlling the use of illicit substances at music festivals. If organisers believe that banning the afore mentioned items will assist in this cause, then respect.

Whilst we personally do not understand or agree with the need or desire for these people to dress so outlandishly and wrap tasty treats around their wrists, we understand that it is part of their identity and their connection with dance music. We don’t believe that these bright accessories are necessary to appreciate the music, but it’s part of the “culture”, and maybe fearing kandi ravers is not the most appropriate way to deal with things.

Source: EDMSauce


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