Heliotype – Saying Nothing

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Heliotype – Saying Nothing

It’s always great when an innovative artist comes along and surprises the music scene. One artist stepping into that position is Heliotype and his track “Saying Nothing.” Obviously, people ARE saying something about this track with its entry directly into #2 on DMC’s Buzz Chart earlier this month. Not only that, it was played in Anjunadeep vs Anjunabeat’s Mixmag Lab, as well as being charted by the master Jody Wisternoff in his August Top 10 on Resident Advisor!

What makes this track a true standout is how it deftly combines elements from several different genres to give it a wide audience appeal. Trance and jungle-influenced pads and strings, uk garage drums, and even a bassline that calls forth some of the finest drum ‘n’ bass.

Expect this track to be played EVERYWHERE when it drops on Glamrox.


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