FM Attack – Deja Vu Album

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FM Attack – Deja Vu Album

There are some names that are synonymous with a certain sound and era. Names that instantly bring to mind a defined sound. One of those names is FM Attack. Gaining huge recognition in the blog house explosion a number of years back, Shawn Ward aka FM Attack quickly cut out a retro-futuristic sound that completely captures the synthpop boom of the 80s.

His first full-length album since the stellar “Dreamatic,” FM Attack proves that he’s still nailing that pure and beautiful sound that he’s known for. “Deja Vu” is comprised of 8 tracks that glisten with sparkling synths, dreamy pads, and driving percussion. Below, check out the 80’s style promo video for the album, as well as streams of some clips from the album.

“Deja Vu” is out now on iTunes and Bandcamp. If you want a hard copy, CDs and of course, cassettes, are available on Tonite Records’ online shop.


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