Feed Me Confirms Album Title and Potential Exciting Features

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Feed Me Confirms Album Title and Potential Exciting Features

Feed Me surprised all with the announcement back in July of a full length album on his own imprint that would feature a smorgasbord of ‘friends’, skip forward to the start of September and we’ve got an album name and a supposed track listing.

Hilariously titled ‘Calamari Tuesday’ (possibly inspired by a local feed eat?), you’ll be able to pre-order as soon as September 9th with an official release October 14th on his own Sotto Voce label.

Opening up about the album, Feed Me said;

This is my first full-length album. It represents a journey through various styles of music, 2 years of intensive touring around the world in a variety of incredible locations, and the construction of my live show and imaginary friend, from sketches into tangible reality. It’s something I now see as a collaboration between me and Feed Me. It’s very serious.

Do Androids Dance report that Mix Junkies for the supposed tracklisting that, if true will mean features from Tasha Baxter who you may remember sang on Feed Me’s 2011 single “Strange Behavious’, five foot tall UK vocalist Yadi and indie-dance band Crystal Fighters.

Feed Me – Pablo Calamari Tracklisting
1. Orion (Original Mix)
2. Death By Robot (Original Mix)
3. Lonely Mountain (Original Mix)
4. Feed Me featuring Tasha Baxter – Ebb & Flow (Original Mix)
5. Rat Trap (Original Mix)
6. Dazed (Original Mix)
7. Feed Me featuring Yadi – Ophelia (Original Mix)
8. In The Bin (Original Mix)
9. Chinchilla (Original Mix)
10. Fiasco (Original Mix)
11. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Original Mix)
12. Short Skirt (Original Mix)
13. No Grip (Original Mix)
14. Onstuh (Original Mix)
15. Last Requests featuring Jenna G (Original Mix)


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