Craig Williams feat. Louisahhh!!! – Rawhide EP

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Craig Williams feat. Louisahhh!!! – Rawhide EP

Sydney-born, LA-based Craig Williams has teamed up with Bromance vixen Louisahhh!!! for Motorik’s latest release, and in no way is it disappointing.

The vocals of Louisahhh!!! smoulder over the top of anxiety-inducing production from Williams.

Strong like music, tough like rawhide”

Those simple lyrics are delivered with an even-headed tranquility injected with an unnerving dose of malice, and they perfectly describe the EP as a whole. Both ‘Rawhide’ and ‘Chip A Tooth’ growl gutturally at you, and you’re forced to obey their wishes. Fortunately, all they’re asking is that you dance, and I’m pretty okay with that.


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