Chromeo Talk White Women, Album Collabs and Male Pregnancy on Reddit

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Chromeo Talk White Women, Album Collabs and Male Pregnancy on Reddit

Off the back of Madonna’s candid Reddit AMA earlier in the week funk duo Chromeo have jumped on board the site for a hilarious Q&A with their fans taking props for the “bonafide lovin”…..and male pregnancy their music has created.

Between proclamations of a ‘demographic responsibility to increase the population’ with the new record and lines about how P-Thug taught A-Trak how to drive, the duo took to the feed with their signature combination of laughs and sincerity when talking to fans about the funky jam bizzness that is Chromeo and new details for their forthcoming album ‘White Women.’

Here’s a few things we learned:

– The new album title is not showing love for only white women, be sure the duo loves ALL women. The name is actually a directly rip from photographer Helmut Newton’s first book the duo thinking the title “funny and sexy in a Roxy Music kind of way”

– ‘White Women’ will feature collabs from ‘Toro Y Moi, Solange, Ezra Koenig, Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem, the Oliver guys from Fool’s Gold.’

– In five words the new album is “Better, Funkier, Poppier, Catchier, Happier.”

– Chromeo’s favourite remix of one of their songs is ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On – Aeroplane Remix’

– P Thug on how the band first came together: We met in high school when I had started a band with a friend of mine who was a drummer. Dave joined the band because he played guitar. I hated him for the first week, then I discovered his fundamental Larry David neurotic-ness and we became best friends. The funniest comment was a French radio station that labeled us as a “Judeo-Arab hiphop group”

For now, listen to the latest Single “Over Your Shoulder” while we hang out for their Boiler Room set featuring Dave1’s brother A-Trak and that New York art installation that’ll be landing sometime during the end of the month.

Source – Reddit 


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