Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

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Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

Chromeo’s album White Women is on the way, and based on this first single and the band’s comments, it’s going to be  even “Better, Funkier, Poppier, Catchier, Happier” than Business Casual. This is really good news for anyone that likes to dance.

The disco world has really been missing something the past few years and a major part of that is Dave 1’s lush vocals and P-Thugg’s vicious synth action. “Over Your Shoulder” brings the funk back in a big way for Chromeo, and is reminiscent  of “Bonafied Lovin” and “Night by Night”–a no frills, we’re hear to have a good, sexy time disco jam.

The highlight comes when Chromeo busts out a Steve Miller Band moment, unleashing a synth-effort that sounds straight out of “Fly Like an Eagle.” It’s moments like these that makes Chromeo arguably the best modern funk duo alive–and why people are saying things like “this is what Daft Punk was trying to do with RAM.” They may be human, but Chromeo looks like they’re on the cusp of something very, very big.

It’s just that money:


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