Trendsetters, Tastemakers, and Industry Shakers: Vol. 2

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Trendsetters, Tastemakers, and Industry Shakers: Vol. 2


Yeah, sure that guy twisting the knobs has great taste in music, but while they are tweeting pictures of their French toast and hammering away at a drum pad, someone has to make the decision what to use for their Facebook profile picture. As the dance industry evolves, the science of growing an international touring brand makes new breakthroughs daily.

Since everyone is pretty much shooting in the dark for this career that is essentially less than a decade old, we wanted to highlight who is doing better than you. In this on-going series we will aim to show you (or refresh you) on who is really stirring things up out there on a daily basis. Sure Insomniac Events boss Pasquale Rotella may be wearing the best suit but who is really making the electronic music world revolutionary? Look at our picks for some personal favourites that are doing it right in some way or another.

Don’t follow in their footsteps because by the time you get there these bosses will be long gone.

Kathryn Fraizer and Clayton Blaha of Biz 3 Publicity. If there were gangstas in dance, these two would be the baddest ones out there. PR boss Fraizer and her hip right hand have taken the dance underground to the mains stage even making a few friends along the way. Though everyone has re-written their own rulebook when it comes to the electronic invasion over the past few years, but this Chicago-based firm has built the dance-marketing bible. Founding partners of Skrillex’s OWSLA label, Biz 3 have more than just GRAMMYs under their belt. As if Biz 3’s lineup doesn’t say enough, anyone who has Daft Punk as a client isn’t even playing the same game as most of the dance world. Targeting only the top outlets it seems that Biz 3 works on an ideal that no editorial is good enough for their crew.


Ash Pournouri of At Night Management. Haters gonna hate but turning goofy young Swede with nothing but a few catchy riffs into an international icon of dance is no easy task. As founder of exclusive firm At Night Management he only represents two clients, Cazzette and Avicii. His bold take on marketing has made Tim Berg dance’s bridge to commercial music. Right from the start, Ash’s strategy spared no expense and has sure paid off. Over the years Billboards, Ice Cream trucks, planes, and even an entire hotel have fallen under a cloak of the Avicii brand making a stamp no one can ignore. Though many criticize the still young producers recent blend of American folk and big room house, the track is ruling the airwaves and the charts at record pace. Ash’s dedicated focus to essentially a single act has taken him to the top of music today and no doubt filled his wallet.

Kirill Bichutsky of Kirill Was Here. Another pick that is sure to spark flames from the peanut gallery is your favorite sleazy photog Kirill. By making a mockery, art form, and paycheck off of nightlife Kirill’s brand deserves nothing but respect in the raunchiest way. Without ever touching a cross fader or releasing a single track, this photog has hit unparalleled levels. Showing up at the top of flyers and Vegas billboards, nightclubs crave his perfected style of being the life of the party and capturing it all at once. Sure many may not agree with his attitude or objectification, but when it comes down to it art is art no matter how much it drips with pure untarnished sex (and lots of boobs in his case). With a knack for catching every moment at it’s wildest, Kirill can be spotted everywhere from a Jersey house party to an exclusive private jet Hennessey event. There is no doubt that Kirill took a camera and did what we all just want to do… party.

Loco Dice Of Desolat Music Group. Don’t really gravitate toward Djs in this series since their influence is obvious but after Loco’s showing in Ibiza this year we couldn’t help but bringing him up. As a dexterous techno producer, label boss, and event brand leader Loco Dice as a brand is pure party. Dice’s Hip Hop-influenced tech style has taken over Europe with a swift deep bass kick. His party Used & Abused holds prime footing at the Ibiza club favorite of 2013, Ushuaia Beach club. With a team of big names Desolat artist run the show appearing on main stages across the globe. When defining the term global bass you should stop by Dice’s soundclound for a true lesson in class. This leading European force can’t be ignored, get familiar with the whole Desolat crew.

Nope, your probably not there yet, but that basement office and free Skype account is a start. Keep us up to date on what you are doing to make the dance world a better place for ravers everywhere. Success is success and no matter what BPM you’re at, we see you.


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