Scottish Or Wasted? Nardwuar Interviews Hudson Mohawke

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Scottish Or Wasted? Nardwuar Interviews Hudson Mohawke

Whoa, how drunk is Hudson Mohawke in the latest Nardwuar interview as the normally quaint producer sways and swears his way through the entire thing (that or he’s just really Scottish?).

That aside the interview touches on a heap of interesting points more specifically his dads former rap career circa ’87, his candid conversations with Kanye and that he’s recently been playing outtakes of the Yeezus record in his DJ sets… which he probably shouldn’t have been playing!

His work with Lunice as TNGHT, who’ll make this years Listen Out parties isn’t explored and we don’t get any extra bits from their supposed forthcoming record but we learn that Hudmo has picked up some moves from the Haitian producer who is an “outrageously good dancer” and the two originally met at a Turbo Crunk party all the way back in 2007.

Anyway, not the best of interviews but one you can look back at and have a laugh!


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