Ostgut Ton readies new ‘off centre’ Compilation

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Ostgut Ton readies new ‘off centre’ Compilation

The Berghain-based mega label Ostgut Ton has announced its new VA 12″ compilation, Various, said to offer “a space for the artists to release tracks a little off-centre from their known production styles,” according to pree materials. While Resident Advisor reports that the double EP is a “spiritual successor” to Fünf  Ostgut Ton‘s massive 2010 release – Fünf was based on typical Berghain / Panoramabar field recordings, whereas this forthcoming EP is to focus on the sounds a bit more “off centre” to the producers’ normal sound.

The double EP will feature tracks from Function, RolandoBarker & Baumecker and more, and will be available September 30.

A1 Barker & Baumecker – Meiose
A2 Fiedel – Grunewald2
B1 tobias. – Dark & Troubling Things
B2 Rolando – Neglected
C1 DIN – You Are
C2 Virginia – Pulse
D1 Crushed Soul – Shades
D2 Function – Golden Dawn feat. Stefanie Parnow


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