Breaking Bad and Trap Together…. At Last

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Breaking Bad and Trap Together…. At Last

A bright spark on the Gold Coast of Australia has brought our illegal reputable love of Breaking Bad together with the fast-rising and much hyped genre of Trap, creating probably the shortest expiry on a piece of viral content ever.

The vowel deficient producer BRCKS created “Heisenberg (Say My Name)” – a bootleg consisting of a bunch of Breaking Bad quotes and a relatively white bread trap cut.

What we can dig is Jessie’s intro “Yo yo yo. 1-4-8. 3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9. Representing the ABQ. What up biiiiiiyotch?” but at the end of the day we kind of get the feeling this will prove to be BRCKS 15 minutes of fame… but something we’re welcome to be proved wrong!

You can head over to BRCKS Facebook page for a free download if you so wish.



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