Nicolas Jaar to start his ‘Other People’ record label

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Nicolas Jaar to start his ‘Other People’ record label


Nicolas Jaar will release a compilation through his new label Other People.

Nicolas Jaar has announced he will be releasing a compilation via his new ‘serial label’ called Other People; and “like a magazine”, he says, it will “deliver new content each week. Every Sunday, our members receive a new issue”. Having bailed on his Clown & Sunset imprint only a year in, this should set up more of a project for the Chilean producer.

To commence the label they’ll be releasing a compilation titled Trust, which will feature tracks by one-time Clown & Sunset signings Nikita Quasim, Valentin Stip and Acid Pauli, as well as Will Epstein and Dave Harrington, who play in Jaar’s live band. Funnily enough, Resident Advisor have said that this will drop September 2, and I would trust this but the 2nd of September is a Monday. Maybe the 1st?

Nonetheless, here’s a tracklist of TrustExciting times!

Will Epstein – Trust I
Nikita Quasim – The Way I Felt Today
My Girl & Me – Always Back To You
Quentin Pistol – Qè
David Terranova – Kinq
High Water – Railroad Song
Benjha – Gravity
Acid Pauli – The Gap And The Grip
Triangleline – Chronon And Echo
Valentin Stip – Temple
Nicolas Jaar – Break My Love
Dave Harrington feat. Tamara – Why Didn’t You Save Me
Will Epstein – Trust II

Source: CMU


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