Nervo’s Liv In Hospital After Accident

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Nervo’s Liv In Hospital After Accident

Nervo sister Liv has had a Steve Aoki-esque moment go wrong in Ibiza landing her in hospital.

The Melbourne, Australia born producers who currently expatriate in the US had an unfortunate rock jump fail with Liv landing badly on her back and squishing her vertebrae in Ibiza.

The duo went onto social media and told their fans about the incident:
“Liv’s Ibiza ‪#‎RockJumpFail‬!!! ‪#‎highonthebestsupply‬ and she can still eat pizza. It’s a squished vertebrae – (think we should leave the jumping to Steve Aoki)!!!
Thank you to our Mambo Ibiza brothers + Kaz James for looking after her so well.”

For those looking forward to seeing them play at Tomorrowland in Belgium, fear not! The duo are in transit right now!

“En route to Tomorrowland!!! Liv can’t lift her arms but can beat match and mix!!! ‪#‎livthewarrior‬”

We wish Liv all the best and a speedy recovery and understand how hard it would be to miss Tomorrowland!



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