Julio Bashmore’s new track ‘Duccy’ copping bad reviews

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Julio Bashmore’s new track ‘Duccy’ copping bad reviews


The Twittesphere is alight with opinions of Julio Bashmore’s latest track titled ‘Duccy’.

The track that has a big 80’s drum influence hasn’t resonated well with the masses with fans and general opinions pointing this out as a weak follow up to ‘Au Seve’ and ‘Battle for middle you’

As for my thoughts. I beg to differ. Julio has clearly attempted to push the boundaries here in educating his follower. This version of tech is purist with a large focus on the low end. Straight up, if you’re listening to it on your shitty mac speakers, plug in some ear phones! It draws parallel comparisons to pre skrillex dubstep era where everything was low end as well. What I do believe is Julio could have used a sample vocal to give this some swag but then he would probably be accused of being too similar to music on Dirtybird Records.

What do you think of Julio’s new track?


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