Deadmau5 Faces Off Against Justin Bieber’s ‘Beliebers’

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Deadmau5 Faces Off Against Justin Bieber’s ‘Beliebers’

Photo: Justin Beiber and Deadmau5 meet at Cabana in Toronto (credit: Joel Levy)

Deadmau5 is fitting snuggly back into single life but not without bumping into tweenster Justin Bieber at a pool party over the weekend.

Held at Cabana in Toronto, the celebrity music rendezvous was snapped within eye poking distance of the tween sensation. This was the Canadian who recently indirectly had a go at dutch EDM maker Afrojack’s rare opportunity to do what we all would have loved and strangled him into submission.

Turns out it was a pretty friendly affair with Zimmerman unintentionally gaining a ton of ‘Beliebers’ in the process after a joke about the little wiener on Twitter.

Is this the start of a beautiful relationship? We hope not.

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