Cloning Sound – Sunny Beach Summer 2013 Compilation

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Cloning Sound – Sunny Beach Summer 2013 Compilation

Cloning Sound

A label founded by two pioneers of the easter European underground electronic scene Pacho & PepoCloning Sound has endeavored to remain at the forefront of the tech-house and techno spheres, introducing music “to create a fresh frame of mind for global dancefloors” and to only push “innovative sound directions”.

Early August will mark the release of the label’s Sunny Beach Summer 2013 Compilation; a 13-track assemblage of some of the finest untapped house and techno music to be delivered this year. With tracks from the likes of Darkrow, Pacho & Pepo, Electronic Therapy, Jesus Soblechero, Blagov and more, all 13 tunes provide driving grooves and pounding percussion to produce not only the perfect euro dancefloor, but also a soothing, relaxing day soaking in the rays. All too common with these strains of house music, they are perfect for various venues and times of the day; great at midday, perfect at midnight.

Being released in the prime time of the European summer, this compilation is sure to be under popular demand for beach clubs as well as underground venues, and hopefully give some big exposure to these (mostly) untapped artists and the label itself. Seriously groovy tracks that could easily make it into the top tech-house, techno and deep house Beatport charts in my opinion. Check out the mini-mix of the release below and stay tuned for more on where to buy it in the coming weeks. What do you think?

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