AC Slater – Return Of The Underground EP [Trouble & Bass]

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AC Slater – Return Of The Underground EP [Trouble & Bass]

Trouble & Bass label head AC Slater has recently released his Return Of The Underground EP, a release that has already been making the rounds. ‘Out Here’ was featured on Skrillex’s BBC Radio1 Essential Mix (apparently the most played BBC Radio 1 piece of content in history according to FACT), and then the track was given away on along with an exclusive interview with Slater. Check out what the label said about how it came about:

“About a year ago, we were all sitting around wondering what ever happened to the jackin bassy house sound we were all fond of, and whining about the lack of fun but quality bassline music to smash at the rave. Well, AC Slater went and did something about it.”

Return of The Underground would be a departure from AC’s sound, if you could ever say he had one. While all the tracks are substantially different in composition, the constant is the heavy influence of UK garage sounds mixed up with sub-rattling wobble bass, resulting in music that could only be defined as the sound of the underground. While it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely mine, and I strongly recommend you bump all 4 tracks onto a sub and listen to them properly. Huge stuff.



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