Teen Daze releases 30 tracks for FREE

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Teen Daze releases 30 tracks for FREE

An artists library of production is a lot like an iceberg. The part sticking out of the water is what’s is released to the public, but the remaining, larger chunk, is unreleased, unfinished and half-hearted tracks. Today, Teen Daze celebrated 20,000 Facebook likes by releasing 30 previously-unreleased tunes from the last few years. He said:

“20,000 LIKES! THANK YOU! BALLOONS AND STREAMERS! In honour of this craziness, I’ve decided to put up all of my unreleased work from the last few years as a free download. Of course there are still hundreds of half-started ideas, and some tracks that were finished, but really just not good at all, so it’s been edited a bit. Regardless, here’s 30 songs (organized into three discs) that have been taking space on my hard drive. Enjoy!”

If you’re a fan of chillwave, ambient, chill electronic music take a couple hours out of your day to download these zip files below and listen. Teen Daze offers three tracks below to give you an idea of the material he’s releasing. He’s easily one of my favourite producers in terms of electronica – it’s super chilled, really beautiful music perfect for nearly every setting.

Download disc one here, disc two here and disc 3 HEREAlso check out the last EP he released called House On The Mountain here.


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