Local Action to release Lil’ Jabba’s footwork Album

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Local Action to release Lil’ Jabba’s footwork Album

Following stellar releases from the likes of T.Williams, DJ Q, Throwing Snow and Artifact, Local Action are proud to announce Lil Jabba’s debut LP Scales, which will be available July the 1st.

Unlike joining the dots between house and techno like a lot of producers right now, Lil Jabba’s newest release throws paint all over the page, largely influenced by Chicago’s Teklife crew of DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad etc. With the juke and footwork scene growing quicker than ever and finding home outside Chicago for the first time, Local Action have been figuring out the release for over a year – eventually an EP wasn’t enough and pursued the full-length. While being some of the weirdest footwork I’ve ever heard, I have a feeling this is where footwork and juke may be going. Don’t get me wrong though; that isn’t a bad thing!


01. Red Current
02. Cavern
03. Maven
04. Raiders
05. Loki
06. Echinacea
07. Tomorrow
08. Gorgon
09. Station North
10. Spektor
11. Precision
12. Serum


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