Ed Banger records respond to Breakbot and Bruno Mars beef

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Ed Banger records respond to Breakbot and Bruno Mars beef

Ed Banger label owner Busy P has responded to the ongoing outcry of fans after long standing producer Breakbot had a Twitter beef with the pop and soul vocalist Bruno Mar.

When Busy P was asked the question ‘How has Ed Banger records handled situation of the similarities between Breakbot’s “Baby I’m yours” and bruno Marrs’ song?’ the label owner responded with

“Bruno Mars loved Breakbot’s song, so we take it as a compliment. He told us he did that song inspired by “baby i’m yours” Breakbot himself is influenced by lots of old funk music. Trap ? i like some of it, but not sure i really know what it is… Chicago we’re coming whenever you invite us! What is the cool venue to perform ? Smart Bar was our local stop forever.”

The dust has settled and perspective is in place as it appears the two heal and embrace the similarities between their songs!

Other great questions asked included in the AMA that were great included

– You have so many exciting new talents in the label, I was wondering how you “find” them? Do you still listen to demos you receive or is it always through acquaintances and such?

“we receive too much demo, thank you internet : ) ! i prefer to meet or cross path with new artists to sign them most of the artist on the label are accident (good accident)”

– Is there any plans for a new SebastiAn album in the pipeline?

“Sonar was a blast! loved it a lot! Yes Yes Sebastian is working hard. He just produced an album for french singer Philippe Katerine you can hear it here”


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