Desto – Emptier Streets LP [Rwina]

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Desto – Emptier Streets LP [Rwina]

Helsinki Risto Roman – or Desto – has been releasing music since 2008 on bass-oriented labels like Argon, Noppa and RAMP while also running his own growing label Signal Life, which so far has released music from the likes of Kowton and Teeth. But it makes a lot of sense that dutch imprint Rwina Records is the label of choice for his debut album titled Emptier Streets; it totally has that unique style and sound that all their artists bring to the table.

A press release describes the LP as “deploying booming drums, rolling hats and cold synthetic melodies and voices inside cavernous sonic landscapes.” In conversation Desto readily admits that he made tracks that were a tribute to the tendrils of melody led dubstep that he fell in love with, but this new collection of tracks really excels itself because of how it functions as a complete package. It’s solid bass music – fat, stripped down dubstep sounds that really hit hard. Anyone familiar with Rwina will know their flawless record of introducing new, unique rhythms to electronic music – earlier this year label owners Taz & Akka released their Synergy EP that, so far, is in my top 10 for 2013. This record from Desto is no different, and in true label style I highly recommend it.


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