Desto – Emptier Streets LP [Rwina Records]

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Desto – Emptier Streets LP [Rwina Records]

Finnish producer Desto is set to release his first full-length LP on the 10th of June via the fantastic Dutch imprint Rwina Records. Emptier Streets sees a different approach from his normal productions, taking more of a hip-hop stance to a more stripped-back template. A press release describes the LP as “deploying booming drums, rolling hats and cold synthetic melodies and voices inside cavernous sonic landscapes.”

With previous releases on Argon, Noppa and RAMP, Desto is also the label head of Signal Life Records who have recently seen the releases of Kowton and Teeth. The trap movement seems to have completely (unfortunately) taken over, but thankfully there are still a grip of producers who are making this atmospheric space crunk sound; with Desto being one of them, this is an instant buy. Big ups to Desto and Rwina!

Pre-order HERE.

01. Foreword
02. Chamber 7
03. Dislocated City
04. Emptier Streets
05. Glottal Stops
06. 4 A.M.
07. Ink Pit
08. FinaL Chamber
09. Dust Pyramids
10. 550
11. Drainpipe
12. Healing


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