Swedish House Mafia Documentary Imminent?

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Swedish House Mafia Documentary Imminent?

There is a lot of affection for Swedish House Mafia in this world, and it’s not hard to see why. They’ve produced six huge pop/’EDM’ crossover tracks since their formation in late 2008, and the production behind their stage show is nothing short of a spectacle. However much to the disappointment of their millions of fans, the trio of Swedish lads announced in June last year that they would be parting ways. They came, they raved, they loved.

As the screen finally faded to black after their extremely extensive farewell tour, a lot of people who don’t ‘heart’ Swedish House Mafia were joyful. They then proceeded to express their joy through the majesty of the English language, which went something along the lines of the following.

“We’ve already forgotten the last name of that Felix bloke who jumped from the edge of bloody space, but somehow the entire world knows the words to Swedish Cunt Mafia’s latest boring-as-shit single!”


“im sew excited tha sexxxi swedes r doing #1LASTTOUR!!! <3 <3 <3”


“SHM have literally produced six tacks together over 4 years. I’m pretty sure one of them was just an advertisement for vodka. They sure worked hard for this success *tips hat sarcastically*.”

Now an article from Mixmag has revealed the highly likely probability of a soon-to-be-announced Swedish House Mafia documentary. It’s sure to be an inspiring tale of the Swedes’ significant contributions to music. Many will take heart from this film, and go on to create their own marketing schemes music.

If, tragically, this announcement turns out to be anything other than a Swedish House Mafia documentary, it should be understood that the impressionable young artists of the world can always return to the words written below if they’re ever in need of creative inspiration ala SHM.

In music, you shouldn’t challenge expectations. Instead, always strive to create a sound that is different enough that it seems like a rebellious option for the youth to get behind, but bland enough that it doesn’t obscure the simple melody. That way, the song will be easily remembered by people once it gets added to the playlist of 20 songs that mainstage DJs are allowed to play at music festivals. If you follow this formula and lick the penises of enough label reps, you’ll be destined for success!

Now as a reward for reading about a Swedish House Mafia documentary for so long, here’s some new music that we actually like. It’s not for everyone but that’s really quite ok.


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