Rudimental – Hell Could Freeze (Skream Remix)

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Rudimental – Hell Could Freeze (Skream Remix)

I don’t care how many CDJs Skream chucks into crowds–the man consistently makes phenomenal and innovative music. He clearly knows how to party, and he has a shit load of fun doing it. Moreover, he doesn’t give a fuck about what’s hot and what’s not–he does what he wants. Rather than moving to Trap like every other Dubstep producer, he’s created an original sound that I can’t quite find the words for–it’s like some sexual 80s Donna Summer vibes that makes your body move in unfamiliar ways.

It’s a prime follow-up to that Duke Dumont remix, and I got a feeling Skream is just getting started…

Anyway, I kinda forgot about this one, but now that the remix package is here, and I’m reminded how crazy good Rudimental is. The Waiting All Night EP is pretty much just a flat-out 10 and some of the best dance music I’ve heard in quite some time. It may be a little “EDM,” but it’s cool, clean and inventive enough while not trying to fool you with gimmicky drops and intense builds–it just wakes you the fuck up. When you’re song can procreate that from Skream, and this from Andy C…you’re doing good things. Buy it. Stream it. Groove to it.


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