SP:MC — Declassified EP [Tempa]

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SP:MC — Declassified EP [Tempa]


Out yesterday on undoubtedly my favourite dubstep label, comes SP:MC’s Declassified 4-track EP. The worst part of the past two years was when dubstep was pushed into the corner by MDMA-fuelled swag-fags that stereotyped the entire genre by Skrillex’s sounds. Well, Tempa is bringin’ the old sounds back! Having signed producers like Skream, Amit and Soap Dodgers just to name a few, anyone familiar with Tempa would know that their releases are huge. SP:MC’s record is no different. Four deep, bass-reliant tracks that seem wildly inappropriate during the day time yet disturbingly perfect at night; pulling heavily on the low-end sounds and leaving no room spare. Turn your bass up, cause I love Tempa, and there’s a reason I posted this when the sky’s black.

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