Skream: Stepping away from the ‘over saturated’ genre of Dubstep

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Skream: Stepping away from the ‘over saturated’ genre of Dubstep

In a recent interview with Beatport Croydens early dubstep protege Skream has gone public in denouncing dubstep as “extremely over-saturated as a genre” further adding evidence that the sound has drawn back heavily from it’s immense popularity through 2011 and 2012.

His reasoning, points firmly to major label routine; “A lot of people bought into it because it became an easy way to get an edgy chart record, especially major labels. That’s why there is so much shit out there now, courtesy of people with no love or care for the music”

Skream, real name Oliver Dene Jones has over the past 12 months made subtle changes to his sets with the introduction of lavish house and classic pop song cuts (see his Boiler Room set in a presidential suite) proving that the normally bratty producer who flipped out at this years SXSW and gave away a CDJ2000 is actually ahead of the rest.

“This transition has been like starting all over again—very exciting. A lot of people aren’t ready or aware of it, but that is what Skreamizm tour was about.”

Looking forward Skream will have remixed Rudimental featuring Angel Haze which is said to be in a disco vein similar to his Duke Dumont re-work and jumping into this “new side of production” after 10 years of making music with the same sound.

Can we dig it? Hell yeah!


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