Company set to make Instagram polaroid cameras

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Company set to make Instagram polaroid cameras

Popular social media tool Instagram is set to get it’s famous iPhone icon turned into a real life polaroid camera thanks Socialmatic.

The camera (set to be launched in early 2014) will have the capability to Snap a photo, select a filter and then — not tweet it, but — print it out to physically share?! The funniest part is, the actual polaroids the photos print onto look like the format on Instagram. So when Facebook bought Instagram for over a billion dollars, was this their plan all along? Smart if it was!

Additionally the new toy includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a custom operating system that syncs to both Instagram and Facebook apps.

The announcement came in good timing with Instagram just crossing the 100 Million active user mark. The camera only makes sense to the wide following of users already using it on a daily basis.

Did you see Busy P instagram this cool poster?


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