Calvin Harris reacts angrily to new Jakwob song

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Calvin Harris reacts angrily to new Jakwob song

Calvin Harris has had to take a deep breathe after listening to UK based producer Jakwob’s latest track Fade ‘Featuring Maiday’ which is gaining popularity by the day.

Mr Harris, who is set for a massive pay out after it was revealed he will be djing at a celebrity wedding let rip on twitter after listening to Jakwobs song saying –

The insult has was tweeted to Jakwob in a response to the chord progression he used in his track that draws similarities to the the 2010 hit ‘I’m not alone’.

Jakwob reacted to the taunts innocently with a simple ‘What’s this about?!’ which not only brought a reaction from Harris but also producers Alex Metric and Herve in to the fold to back Harris’s claim.

“You lifted my chords from I’m Not Alone but don’t worry about it I really like them!”

Some even point to an earlier trance track (1998) by Madagasca called “Platypus” having originally used the chords (clip below).

If wasn’t long ago we dabbled in the piece ‘Samples, Sampling and Samplers’ that raised a few eyebrows including a response from Flight Facilities.

What do you believe? Are the taunts towards Jakwob justified or does Calvin Harris need to check his ego?


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