Beyonce joins the Trap music bandwagon

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Beyonce joins the Trap music bandwagon

Beyonce Knowles has beaten Britney Speares and Madonna to it by being the first commercial pop chick to weigh the trap wagon down with a song titled ‘Bow Down / I Been On’.

Although this production could be classified as a more authentic Gucci Mane style version of trap (without all the dutch synths of it’s mutated siblings), I don’t know how I feel about this because whenever the mainstream comes in on a genre, it sweeps away the coolness of it’s sub culture and starts to take the shape of a cash cow (Kind of like electro did).

Beyonce does a few lines in this and then the song is pretty much taken over by a transposed voice which could be hers but why? I don’t see why she would bother transposing it. It’s almost as if she had finished 1/4th of the song, then left the studio because she got bored. I’m pretty disappointed that she has poisoned her amazing discography with this much less timeless track.


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