What Does Claude VonStroke Think About Trap Music?

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What Does Claude VonStroke Think About Trap Music?

Claude VonStroke, founder of the highly respected Dirtybird label and who recently toured Australia, had a chat with DJZ about the Dirtybird BBQ and his take on trap music.

Trap was originally heavily hip-hop influenced, and interestingly enough one of the special guests at the 11th year anniversary Dirtybird BBQ is a classic hip-hop trio.

“The newest special guest is De La Soul. We’re going for the old-school hip hop cameo every year now. That was almost harder than [setting up] the Ibiza thing”

“We had to basically twist their arm and be like ‘No, it’s gonna be good. Trust us. I know its a dance party, but its gonna be fun.” – When he was asked about his thoughts on the trap movement Claude continued;

“You know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like hyphey shit. They just re-labeled it and made it more palatable to the mass culture. They basically just took that sound, the E-40 beats, and made it into something.”

We’ve all witnessed the onslaught of trap that has been interjected into our air waves over the last 6 mounts. Not to mention the ridiculous number of cruddy “trap” remixes.

Has trap music peaked or does it still have some life in it?

Vonstroke and his Dirtybird crew are set to embark on a World Tour and Release Dirtybird Players Compilation very soon.


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