Tomorrowland 2013 sells out in seconds… literally!

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Tomorrowland 2013 sells out in seconds… literally!

Globally recognised Belgium Dance Music Festival Tomorrowland successfully sold out their 2013 allocation of tickets in one second – yep you read that correctly, one second!

Although this may have been a stretch of the truth with punters actually waiting in a digital queue for up to an hour… the one second being the time it took to fill the queue before being able to follow through with a purchase the range of tickets on sale.

What did happen was fans from 214 countries acquiring tickets making the festival set to be the most internationally ‘gathered’ event of 2013. Putting this in perspective, that’s 10 more countries than the Olympics!

Early acts announced for Tomorrowland 2013 include Arty, Steve Aoki, Knife Party and Alesso.

At the start of the year ID&T co-founders and brothers Manu and Michiel Beers outlined their intentions to bring Tomorrowland to other countries that could include Australia.

“It’s our ambition to organize a Tomorrowland on every continent. We have received requests for versions of Tomorrowland from all over the world… From rich Russians and Indians, to promoters in Australia, the US and South America. We will do it, but on our conditions, and only in places where we feel comfortable,” explained the Beers brothers.

Watch the official ‘aftermovie’ for 2012 and see what we missed out on!


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